Different Types of Paper Bags: For Different Purposes

Paper bags are a useful and biological packaging decision. They are considered an alternative to plastic bags in our day-to-day routines. Indeed, different types of paper bags are used by different customers. Additionally, each bag is planned given an accurate reason. These types of paper bags include Kraft bags, carry-out bags, takeaway bags, and grocery bags, from there, the sky is the limit. 

Further, custom bags come with secure seals that safeguard the things. The awareness about where to use these bags advances your packaging and storing experience. They are the best option for food packaging carry-out and takeaway styles.

Let's investigate the top types of paper bags!

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A Brief History of Paper Bags

The invention of paper bags goes back to 1852 when a teacher named Francis Wolle invented the first machine to efficiently manufacture them. This creation revolutionized the retail industry, offering a down-to-earth, open method for packaging goods for customers.

As years passed, the innovations continued. Margaret E. Knight fostered a machine in 1870 that delivered flat-bottomed paper bags, a plan still in use today. Throughout the long term, paper bags have developed in construction and planning, as well as their motivation and significance in our general public, embodying the growing consciousness toward sustainability and environmental protection.

From Brown to White: Different Types of Paper Bags Offered By Jet Paper

The most common types of paper bags offered by Jet Paper Bags include brown kraft paper bags, white & brown kraft paper bags, flat paper bags, twisted-handle paper bags, etc.

They are made from unbleached paper and are often used for carrying food, snacks, and other food things. They are also used in retail stores for packaging items.

White kraft paper bags are like brown kraft paper bags, but they are made from bleached paper. They are often used for packaging items and gifts, as well as for carrying food.

Flat paper bags are square or rectangular and have a flat bottom. They are commonly used in retail stores for packaging items and are often made from recycled paper.

Twisted handle paper bags are a well-known decision for carrying food and other things. They have two twisted paper handles that make them simple to carry, and they come in different colors and sizes.

The Manufacturing System of Paper Bags

The production of paper bags begins with harvesting trees, basically softwood species like pine or tidy. These trees are deprived of their bark and cleaved into little chips.

The chips are then boiled in a compound solution, reducing them to a thick substance. This mash is bleached, drained, and squeezed into thin sheets, then cut, printed, and collapsed into the wide cluster of paper bags we use today.

All Types of Paper Bags 

Find below the different types of paper bags available for sustainable use in 2024:

S.O.S. Paper Bags 

S.O.S. brown takeaway paper bags are pieces like kraft paper bags. It's typically the iconic minimal brown paper bag. Many office laborers and understudies will choose this bag to hold lunch, snacks, natural products, and so on. The top of the SOS bag is typically furnished with a handle.

Also, it is convenient for office laborers to carry. They are often square at the bottom and will have precise backings.

In addition, we print different brand logos, and colors on it. The SOS bag has an extremely metropolitan feel. It is accessible in different colors for a cutting-edge look. We can see it in many walker roads and office buildings. Because they are so well known. In addition, this kind of bag is reasonable, waterproof, and can also hold different little things.

Custom Brown Kraft Bags

Brown Kraft Bags are a well-known decision for businesses and customers looking for a recyclable and customizable packaging solution. Additionally, these bags are made from brown Kraft paper, which is renowned for its solidarity and strength. Besides, it can hold different things without tearing or breaking without any problem. Presumably, these bags are the most demanding and common selection of customers and dealers.

Which features are offered by these bags?

The best piece of these bags is that you can personalize them to accommodate your image or occasion. For instance, you can print these bags with your image logo, an exceptional message, and a special plan that makes them stick out.

When to use these bags?

Indeed, you can use these bags for numerous reasons. These bags are not just intended for specific things. However, you can use them for packaging merchandise, clothing, food, embellishments, and little gifts.

After all, if you are thinking about organizing an occasion or career expo, these bags are an optimal option for promotional things. On the other hand, you can give these bags as gifts, individuals love to get them because of their appealing look.

Can I customize these bags?

Indeed, why not?

These bags come in different sizes and styles to make them appropriate for different purposes. Indeed, whether you need a little bag for carrying out or an enormous one for packaging items, there is a size for all.

Flat-Bottomed Paper Bags 

Flat-bottom types of paper bags are also called pinch-bottom bags. Its bottom is flat, upheld by flat cardboard. What's more, it's formed a piece like an envelope.

As a rule, we will add a layer of oil-proof lining inside it. In this way, we can use them to hold a wide range of seared food or dry food. Like baking bread, cakes, snacks, biscuits, confections, snacks, and so on.

Bigger flat paper bags are extremely thick. We can use them to hold a wide range of organic products, drinks, clothes, and so on. They are truly versatile. Flat-bottom bags are the ideal packaging solution in our lives. In the meantime, we can use them to pack bigger things. Like clothes, shoes, packaged drinks, and toys.

Custom Carry-Out Bags

Another awesome type of paper bag is famous as a custom carry-out bag. These bags are really helpful and versatile packaging solutions. Also, they offer convenience and branding opportunities for a brand. Also, these extraordinary bags are broadly liked by cafés or food-serving organizations. Why? Because they give a solid and hygienic way to move food to customers and working environments.

Anyway, are these bags specifically intended for eateries or food supplies?

No, they are all-rounders!

Particularly in clothing stores, boutiques, shoe packaging, and many more things packaging. Further, these types of paper bags intend to be held effectively by customers which makes them a most loved selection of purchasers. Most importantly, they are also famous in a retail business, for protecting things and enhancing the general shopping experience. To put it plainly, these bags are a savvy way to win customers' hearts and pleasure them.

When to use these bags?

Indeed, the options are boundless, but some of them are as per the following;


Use them for takeout, food conveyance, or cookery to guarantee that dinners are safely moved and the taste remains unaltered.

Retailer decision

These bags enhance shopping abilities by allowing customers to carry out their buys effortlessly.


They are great for meetings, expos, and promotions to distribute things and have a constructive outcome for individuals.


Customize the bags with your logo or plan to advance your business. Furthermore, they create a long-lasting imprint on purchasers and inspire them to make wise purchasing decisions.

Gift Paper Bags

Gift paper bags play a significant part in interpersonal communication. Increasingly more gift-providers are turning to paper bags instead of plastic bags. They can also shield the gift from being seen by others. It can also try not to humiliate scenes. Then, it is great for food, coffee, wine, beauty care products, clothes, and so on.

Gift paper bags have many paper bag materials to choose from. For example, coated paper, kraft paper, specialty paper, workmanship paper, and so on. Also, we have many options for handles. 

For example, cotton rope, ribbon bows, twisted ropes, hemp rope, and so on. If you are a brand enterprise, you can print your company logo, contact address, company name, and so forth on it. When giving gifts to customers, can inconspicuously increase the opportunity of brand openness. It's a pleasant way of marketing.

Custom Coffee Bags

Custom Coffee Packaging Bags are uniquely intended to save the freshness and kind of coffee beans. In addition, they safeguard the unique fragrance and taste of ground coffee while offering branding possibilities. Further, coffee shops and roasters often use them to bundle their items.

Most importantly, these types of paper bags come in different sizes to set up different amounts of coffee. Thus, from single servings to bulk buys opting for these bags is a brilliant decision.

What are these bags ready to do?

These extraordinary types of paper bags offer a protected seal that assists with keeping your coffee beans fresh and retaining moisture too. On the other side, these bags are adequately strong, protecting coffee from outside impacts, for example, dust, moistness, and, openness to light, and that's just the beginning.

Who can use these bags and in which condition?

Many small and large businesses can use these types of paper bags, such as:

Coffee retailers

Are you a coffee retailer? In this way, you can use custom bags to bundle and sell your coffee beans or ground coffee while showcasing your image. Hence, the tight mark of these bags keeps the taste, fragrance, and flavor locked for a long time.


These bags offer a resealing service at home. In this way, homebrewers love to have them to keep their coffee fresh at home. 

Coffee roasters

Custom bags are the first selection of roasters. Why? The reason is that when the roaster dishes the green coffee beans, they want to safeguard that unique smell of fresh beans. 

Paper Shopping Bags-Merchandise Bags

Shopping merchandise paper bags are product bags for customers to shop in stores, shopping centers, boutiques, clothing stores, and so on. Now paper shopping bags are progressively replacing plastic shopping bags. They are accessible in a wide assortment and rich colors. Also, we can print eye-catching logos or brand information on it. This is without a doubt a dependable and stylish promotional tool.

A very well-planned pattern or motto can bring you a lot of traffic. When the customer leaves the store with a shopping bag, it can attract the attention of people around him stylishly, but paper shopping bags can also safeguard the protection of consumers. Therefore, Shopping paper bags have wide use in different stores, clothing stores, and boutiques for business purposes.

Custom Kraft Paper Bags

Are you looking for an environmental packaging solution for your different items? indeed, you are at the perfect location Kraft paper bags are a way to go. These types of paper bags are uncommon to elevate sustainability and contribute to a solid environment.

Are these bags reusable?

These types of paper bags are reusable and recyclable for new articles. Also, lit has a positive effect on purchasers by reducing the use of plastic bags. Additionally, you can customize them in any shape, style, and size. Significantly, they are printable, so you can use natural wellsprings of printing to advance vegetation.

Are custom paper bags food-safe and hygienic?

Almost certainly, these types of paper bags are 100 percent secure and safe for food packaging. Their natural brown color gives them a provincial and natural look, which is requested by DTO customers. Additionally, paper bags give direct benefits to your business.

Euro Tote Bags

Euro tote bags are pieces like S.O.S. paper bags. But we must not confuse them. Euro tote bags are all the more very good quality and refined paper bags. It is extremely well-known in many nations in Europe. As of now, many international large names like to customize Euro tote bags. There will generally be a specific logo printed on it. This paper bag has two handles. It is truly appropriate for fashion brands to hold some gems, packing or clothes, and so on.

If you want to make it more attractive, we can use different decorative ribbons as its handles.

Here and there in request to waterproof it or make it stronger, many brands will add some plastic lining and ink. This is the same as laminated paper bags. Therefore, it becomes thicker and more sturdy. However, paper bags with reflexive film or ink may not be so eco-friendly and recyclable.

Bakery Bags

Bakery bags, as the name proposes, are a kind of baked food packaging bag. Like cakes, biscuits, chips, broiled chicken, burgers, coffee, and so on. Significantly, it is suggested that you add a layer of the plastic lining inside to prevent water and oil.

We use baking bags to hold and store food. Typically, we will add a wax paper lining inside. This is to keep the food in the bag free to maintain its flavor. 

Custom Foil Bags

Custom Foil Bags are specific packaging solutions intended to secure and protect the freshness of many items. Additionally, these bags are created with a layer of foil, which goes about as an obstruction to moisture, light, and oxygen.

Certainly, this foil layer makes them ideal for things that require upgraded protection from outer factors. These bags are ideal for packaging medicinal things, for example, vitamins and suspensions that need to be safeguarded from moisture. On the other hand, they save the nature of medicine for a long time.

Custom Makeup Paper Bags

These bags are not just advantageous for the environment, but their appealing look gets the notice of possible purchasers and makes your image stick out.

Besides, they offer you to include a window at the front of the bag. This window assists with giving a brief look at excellent items from inside the bag without opening it.

Recycled Paper Bags

The commonness of this bag is inseparable from individuals' attention to energy saving and emission reduction. In a request to safeguard the environment, individuals started to use green recycled paper bags. This degradable paper bag can also be made into different sizes and shapes. But, the colors will be more restricted and not all that rich.

If you want to save costs, involving a single color for printing is suggested. We can print straightforward logos or plans on the surface. The less difficult, some of the time the more we can consider our interests and brand reasoning.

Simultaneously, it can also make consumers feel our environmental awareness. If you want to seek after beautiful outer packaging, you can include lustrous or matte film in the outer layer. However, this may not be conducive to recycling and degradation.

Custom Fast Food Bags

Custom Fast Food Bags are common and customizable packaging solutions. They are uniquely made to address the issues of fast-food cafés and food delivery services. Additionally, they guarantee food remains hot and fresh while reinforcing branding.

Additionally, they are regularly made to protect the food from outer damage and hurt. Critically, for the promotion of the brand, these bags permit you to print them. You can print your image logo and heavenly and catchy words, for example, ''Need and Crunch," or "Zing," from there, the sky is the limit.

Mailing Paper Bags

Mailing paper bags mainly allude to paper mailing bags used for online business delivery. Consistently we use it to mail a few everyday little things or significant reports. Such types of paper bags are exceptionally common in office spaces. Many organizations will customize these bags. 

And afterward, pack some retail things or gift mail to significant customers and accomplices. If the things are delicate, we can also pack them inside. Because we can choose a safe and fast dispatch to mail them. Additionally, their conclusion is a few self-cement strips or Velcro, and so forth.

Custom Flat Handle Paper Bags

Unique occasions like weddings, meetings, or promotional giveaways can benefit from custom flat-handle paper bags. You can use them to fill any occasion material or gifts for individuals. Keep in mind, that these cases are printable; you can plan them with novel thoughts. Furthermore, choosing lively colors to match the theme of the occasion can be smart.

On the other hand, the lightweight and simplicity of handles make them simple to carry. A hardcore material is used to make them durable and guarantee they can carry numerous things safely.

The Economical Part of Paper Bags

Production costs for all types of paper bags are higher than those for their plastic partners because of the more intricate manufacturing process and the greater expense of the unrefined components used. This increased expense brings about higher retail costs for goods, as businesses often give these costs to the consumer.

On the positive side, the paper bag industry contributes to the economy by creating positions in manufacturing, deals, and distribution. Additionally, the rise of sustainable and personalized paper bag options presents new market valuable open doors for businesses, including the opportunity for higher profit margins.

Paper Bags in Retail

Paper bags have become an integral piece of the retail sector, basically due to their eco-friendly nature and the versatile branding open doors they present. In ranchers' business sectors, they act as a mode for carrying bought goods and go about as a material for businesses to showcase their image personality.

Customizing your paper bags with your logo, image colors, and marketing messages transforms them into a portable bulletin that continues advertising your image long after buy. Additionally, the assortment of paper bag styles assists you with aligning your packaging with your image's general aesthetic, enhancing consumer perception and experience.

Customizing Paper Bags

Customizing paper bags to reinforce memorability and improve customer experience has become a well-known practice among businesses. This customization goes from printing logos and brand messages on the bags to using distinctive colors and plans.

Creating visually appealing and extraordinary packaging assists you with standing out in a cutthroat market and encourages a more profound connection with customers. Besides, the customization cycle develops, offering the capacity to offer eco-friendly printing options that line up with the sustainability upsides of many brands.

Paper Bags and Consumer Conduct

Consumer conduct plays a pivotal part in the growing inclination for paper bags. The uplifted awareness of environmental issues pushes consumers to make more sustainable decisions, with paper bags often seen as a greener alternative to plastic.

Selling produce in environmentally friendly packaging guarantees you'll attract many individuals. The strength and solidness of the bags also incentivize individuals to keep them, making them a viable way to gain recognition if you put your logo on them.


While they carry certain benefits and downsides, almost all types of paper bags have great potential to help you in your selling tries. You should choose the best packaging options when selling your goods at ranchers' business sectors. By considering the factors listed above, you can choose a paper bag that is both common and esthetically pleasing. 

To buy paper bags of high quality and lower rates in the USA, visit Jet Paper Bags.

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