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Jet Paper Bags Why not promote your brand and services with this environmentally responsible product. These eco-friendly paper shoppers are available in a variety sizes and colors. Contact Us
jetpaperbags We Manufacture High Quality
Kraft Paper Bags

Jet Paper Bags We are at JET, ready to surprise you by delivering you more than you expect Contact Us
jetpaperbags Our Kraft Paper Shoppers are
100% Recyclable and Biodegradable

Jet Paper Bags All our paper products are manufactured using environmentally sustained paper.
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Jet Paper Bag

Premium Quality
Kraft Shopping Bags
& Paper Grocery Bags

Fast and On-Time Production

With help of the latest technology and hard work by our team-members, We produce and deliver our paper bag orders and custom print jobs within the time our customer demands.

Expert Customer Service

For any questions regarding our product line or custom printing services contact our customer support team. We will answer your questions in a timely manner.

The Premium Quality Kraft Paper Bags

High-quality kraft paper bags with affordable prices are carefully produced. Most of our paper bags are in stock and ready to ship.

Ethical and Fairly Traded Products

We support and contribute to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of workers and providing safe working conditions.

A Friendly & Honest Service

We know the value of customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide you with a friendly, open and honest service in everything we do and offer you more than what you expect.


At Jet Paper Bags, the manufacturing process of the Paper Shopping Bags is carefully analyzed to deliver you the high quality product every time. Jet Paper Bags specialize in Premium Quality Kraft Paper Shopping Bags and Brown & White Paper Grocery Bags.

Brown Paper Grocery Bags

Brown Paper Grocery Bags Gusseted Square Bottom Paper Bags Pack…

White Paper Grocery Bags

White Paper Grocery Bags Gusseted Square Bottom White Paper Bags…

Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

Gusseted Square Bottom Kraft Paper Bags… Paper Bags…Paper Bags…

White Kraft Shopping Bags

Gusseted Square Bottom Paper Shopping Bags…

Flat Handle Kraft Shoppers

Shopping Bags with FLAT Paper Handles…

Custom Printing Services

Print your custom design on shopping bags…

dots-large-mint@2xOur process

Step by step
how we do it


Market Research

After detailed market research, we start planning to offer the best quality products at the most affordable prices according to the market.



We start production according to customers’ demand and offer wholesale or partially manufactured products.



We are aware that customer satisfaction is also directly related to the price of the product. We take this into account when pricing our products.


Customer Relationship

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor that makes us the best among our competitors.
Jet Paper Bag

Premium Quality
Kraft Paper
Shopping Bags

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