Wholesale Paper Bags in Manhattan

Paper over plastic is always the natural choice for your business. Wholesale paper bags aren’t just environmentally friendly – they look great too. Jet Paper Bags LLC provides responsibly sourced paper bags that are biodegradable and recyclable.

With a paper bag, your customers will know that your business doesn’t just value quality service, but you value the environment, as well. Browse our products online!

Wholesale Paper Bags Are Environmentally Friendly

There’s a reason why paper bags are making a resurgence: they’re better for the environment. Today’s shoppers are environmentally conscious, and you can support their values by offering a paper alternative to standard plastic bags. By using paper bags, you’re sending a clear message to your customers – that you value the environment just as much as they do.

There are many ecological benefits to paper bags, let’s explore a few:

Renewably Sourced: Our paper bags are 100% renewably sourced. We can always plant more trees, so we can never run out of paper.

Biodegradable: Studies show that plastic can take decades to biodegrade and builds up in landfills faster than it can decompose. Further, plastic bags often litter city streets in urban areas. They clog up oceans, lakes, and rivers and are eaten by marine animals, which can be deadly. Our wholesale paper bags break down naturally over time. A paper bag will decompose, disappear, and be absorbed into the earth when thrown away.

Recyclable: Of course, our paper bags are completely recyclable and reusable. If recycling them, they fold up neatly for easy disposal.

By using paper bags, you aren’t just providing your customers with a functional alternative to plastic – you’re doing your part in helping protect the environment.

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Highlight Your Logo with Wholesale Paper Bag

The benefit of a paper bag is that they’re ideal for logos and other kinds of customization. Their structural firmness and flat surface make them perfect for printing, and the sharp white background allows your logo to stand out. Stamp your graphic proudly across a paper bag and make a statement that you value the environment.

Paper Bags Are Perfect for Transporting Food

For years, paper bags have been ideal for transporting food and keeping it fresh. Paper bags have tiny pores which allow air to circulate through the bag, and your food stays fresh as you bring it home. It’s perfect for organic produce. Our bags are thick and durable and are resistant to tears and rips. You’ll never have to worry about losing groceries or other items.

Wholesale Paper Bags for a Greener Future

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Making the switch from plastic to paper isn’t difficult, and Jet Paper Bags LLC can make it that much easier. Call us today and speak with our friendly customer service staff. If you have any questions, just let us know. We’ll provide you with everything you need in providing your clients with an eco-friendly, sustainable option.