Top 15 Uses of Paper Bags to Take Note Of

Uses of paper bags can accumulate from shopping for food even when we do our best to avoid them. When their motivation is satisfied, these bags often end up in either landfill or recycling. But do you have any idea that paper bags can be reused and reused in endless ways? From practical household solutions to crafty uses, there are various paper bag uses that can expand their lifespan and diminish waste.

When you're left with an assortment of paper bags after going to the supermarket, you may be enticed to simply toss them into the recycling bin. But saving them can make your life a whole part easier. Continue reading 15 surprising uses of paper bags, from entertaining pets to removing stains, perfecting your baking, and more. Soon you'll be begging companions for their extra paper bags!

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15 Uses of Paper Bags

Here are the top uses for paper bags that you must give a try:

Create a Photo Wall

The key to a calm photo wall: Trace each frame on a paper bag and cut it out. Place the pieces where you'd like the photos to hang, attaching them with pins or clear tape.

Use it again for shopping for food!

Flattened, they take up no space so can be left in the car in case you forget to bring reusable staple bags.

Gift Wrapping

Cut them into flat sheets for an eco-friendly gift wrap. Add a personalized message, drawing, or stenciling to customize the gift.

Keep delicates smelling sweet

No need to go overboard on expensive sachets to guarantee your undergarments or bathing suits have a pleasant aroma. Instead, toss a handful of soap bits into a paper bag, punch a couple of small holes in the sack, and staple the top shut. The soap's fragrance will freshen the items while the bag safeguards them from buildup.

Use when selling or giving away things

Keep some bags on hand to package up items when you're giving away goods in a Purchase Nothing bunch on selling on an online marketplace.

Uses for paper bags: Broaden the life of garlic and onions

It seems like onions, shallots, and garlic cloves often fledgling or decay before you use them up. Attempt this: Use an opening poke to poke holes all around an earthy-colored paper bag, then fill it halfway with the savory foodstuff, using a separate bag for each. Label each bag and close it with a chip cut. The openings will allow barely enough air to circulate to hold these veggies back from rotting.

Get windows clean and clear

The following time you go to clean windows and mirrors and forget about paper towels, which can leave behind fluffy streaks. A better way: Spritz cleaning solution onto a folded-up paper bag, then wipe away as usual. The bag's thick and tough fibers knock off and absorb grime without falling apart.

Refrigerator Odor

Take a paper bag(s), fold it place it in void drawers or on shelves, and let it sit for two days. The paper will absorb smells. For faster absorption add some charcoal to the bag.

Before recycling, always guarantee the bags contain no plastic or coating. Most bags will be labeled - you can look at the bottom to verify if they are recyclable or compostable.

Kids craft

Let the babies use paper bags as a canvas for their drawing or painting. They even have a helpful handle to hang up on display!

Uses of paper bags: Eliminate stuck-on wax

The candles you used for your dinner party trickled all over your tablecloth. To effortlessly eliminate the buildup, let the wax harden, then cover it with wax. Then, place a piece of a paper bag over the spot, then coast over it multiple times with a warm iron (no steam). As you move it over the area, the wax will liquefy and the paper will lift it, rapidly removing it.

Uses for paper bags: Accelerate fruit ripening

Helping fruits ripen is one of many uses for paper bags. It can be frustrating when you purchase a lot of bananas to snack on, but they're green long after you get them from the supermarket.

Use as packing paper

If you're moving or sending something by post, paper bags can be used as packing paper in between porcelain or scrunched up to occupy a space in boxes.

Part with

If the paper bags used above are not useful to you or you simply have way too many, part with them. They would be valued indeed by:

  • Local takeaway restaurants
  • Schools for their uniform shops or fundraising stalls
  • Operation shops/thrift shops
  • Farmers markets

Uses of paper bags: Cut down on painting wreck

When painting small areas in your house or working on a craft project, the last thing you want is to get paint on your carpet or floor. This is where paper bags arrive for the rescue.

Freshen stinky sneakers

Eliminate the odor by stuffing the shoes with folded earthy-colored paper bags and letting them sit for the time being. Before breakfast, the fibers in the paper will have absorbed the odor-causing moisture and sweat, leaving your kicks quite fresh.

Uses of Paper Bags: Conclusion

For companies in food service, staple, or retail and delivery looking for high-quality, sustainable paper bag choices, Jet Paper Bags offers the eco-friendly Re-Use-A-Bag brand. These bags are 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent reusable, and the kraft choice is made from a minimum of 40% post-buyer reused material, making it an incredibly sustainable decision for your business.

Choosing bags for your business can be challenging. With so many styles, sizes, basis loads, and other choices, how do you choose the "right" paper bag? Look at our Paper Bag Guide for an extensive outline that can help you through the process.

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