13 Ways to Implement Packaging Cost Reduction Easily

Investing in your business is always a wise decision. But you should still search for a method for reducing functional costs. Something that can make your finances stable is packaging cost reduction. However, most business visionaries need to be made aware of the factors influencing packaging cost reduction. Besides, they do not know how to take the benefit of the issues they are dealing with.

That is the reason our team has prepared an instructive blog where you can find ways of increasing your packaging cost reduction. Let's begin with investigations!

What Is Packaging?

In logistics or shipping, the packaging is materials or stuff put around a decent to shield it while moving it from one spot to another. For instance, cardboard boxes and packing peanuts are used to ship a digital camera.

Because even domestic shipping involves a long and rough ride, your products wouldn't show up securely at their destination without solid packaging.

You utilize different forms of packaging through each phase of the store network, from manufacturing to last-mile conveyance.

Main Factors Impacting Packaging Cost Savings

Before everything, business people must understand all the factors impacting packaging cost savings. Based on our experience and information, we have closed there are 5 main factors you need to have in mind.

Material Costs

Business people want to guarantee the packaging looks decent and safeguards the item sufficiently. Packaging matters to an enormous number of consumers in the United States. Because of that, we won't ever recommend individuals get a good deal on this strong marketing and branding tool.

Yet, that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on achieving these two objectives. You need to consider the best alternatives that can cost you less expensive. There is also a choice to collaborate with manufacturers that will reduce the cost of each bundle for greater orders.

Sustainability and Natural Factors

Individuals have become aware of the issues single-utilized plastic and comparable materials cause. That is the reason why most business visionaries gradually switch to eco-accommodating alternatives. We do regard such a change. Yet, eco-accommodating materials, as well as their creation, can be costly. That especially counts for business visionaries who are not too acquainted with sustainable materials. There is always a less expensive yet better alternative!

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Demand and Consumer Behavior

Without any doubt, you can't influence consumer behavior and demand. Your commitment is to live up to their assumptions connected with packaging savings. Yet, that doesn't mean you can't teach them through innovative ideas. They maybe aren't aware of all the choices they can get. That is the reason you should try different things with different designs that may be useful to you in accomplishing packaging cost reduction. You should always have their criticism in mind.

Shipping and Handling

Believe it or not, anywhere close to 30% of items sold online are gotten back to the dealer. One of the main reasons is the harm that happened during the transportation interaction. Also, numerous items get harmed because of terrible techniques for handling. In the end, shipping is becoming more and more costly because of gas cost increments. Business visionaries usually settle on the most costly materials to solve this issue. Unfortunately, that does not always bring the best outcomes.

Design and Customization

All businesses endeavor to reach a higher degree of uniqueness. The motivation behind the packaging cost reduction is to get the notice of the consumers. Also, it plans to make your brand different from the mass of other competitors and lift the value of your organization/brand. Yet, we must not disregard that design and packaging customization can sometimes cost a ton.

Because of that, you should look at if there is a method for minimizing the costs or utilizing a different type of ink for printing. At last, you can always change the partner for customization and find a less expensive alternative.

How to Reduce Packaging Costs

There are multiple proven ways to reduce packaging costs easily.

Research Your Choices

There are so many packaging choices accessible at this point. One size box doesn't fit all. Truth be told, the best solution probably won't be a container by any stretch of the imagination. Get online and begin researching the most recent in packaging materials, designs, and innovation. Your bundle needs to be effectively designed, but it also needs to be sufficiently solid to make it through a few excursions — air, ocean, rail, and street.

Items to Consider

  • Total cost of materials
  • Durability for transport
  • Resistance to bugs/climate
  • Ease of handling
  • Esthetics
  • Government guidelines

Train your staff

You can enhance processes and products for what might feel like forever.

But you will not reduce your shipping costs if the human component of your business isn't satisfactory.

Well-trained staff are critical to a productive supply chain and satisfaction department.

All staff must be thoroughly trained on all gear that is utilized in their work.

Neighborhood OH&S regulations may also express that different methods with machinery and repetitive developments must be documented.

Whether it's for employee wellbeing or not, thorough documentation should be utilized in all processes.

Not only can help all employees and bring them up to speed faster, but it's also the primary spot to look when you want to make these processes more productive.

Shorter times for employees to integrate implies you reduce delivery costs sooner.

Keep bundles as small as possible

A Shirt doesn't need to be in a 15" x 15" box. Coordinate the packaging with every product to drastically reduce the necessary space and shipping costs.

Often, the solution is as straightforward as choosing a better-matching existing bundle, with a custom box essential.

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Minimize inserts

Do you need that booklet or can you digitize it like Sonos did? What about your product index?

Keep the weight and size down by reducing the cushion.

Switch To Eco-Friendly Materials

Undoubtedly, eco-friendly materials can be more costly. Yet, in the long term, they can help you reduce packaging costs. They are sturdy, reusable, and phenomena have security for the product. Apart from that, they will guarantee you a better profit. More than 80% of individuals require sustainable bundles. With the traditional choices, you may lose the trust of numerous consumers.

Determine Important vs. Unnecessary Costs

Here is a decent piece of advice to reduce packaging costs: Itemize the costs of the bundle you're presently using. Separate the costs into those which are stringently for performance and those which are esthetic as it were.

Be straightforward with yourself as you go through each line of this cost analysis.

Can you justify the costs that are esthetic? If not, can you eliminate that component and add that value to the performance side of the bundle design?

Inquiries to Consider

  • Does your product require an inner carton and an external carton?
  • Is the information printed on the case important? Limit it to fundamental info as it were.
  • Is full-color printing worth the cost? Can you pull off highly contrasting as it were?
  • Does the bundle need a reasonable viewing window? Can you get by with a photo of the container?
  • Can you set aside cash by taking off the label and printing information straightforwardly on the crate?

Standardize packaging

If you sell a handful of products of comparable size, make sure that a large number of them can fit into a couple of box varieties, instead of 20. This simplifies picking, packing, and shipping.

Measure your delivery unit

Do you work out what number of boxes/conveyances can fit inside your delivery van? With a maximum of 40, your trucks shouldn't depart with 15 or less.

In addition to the fact that this is incredibly inefficient, the additional room increases is risk of product damage during shipping.

With Jet Paper, you can set capacities at the vehicle level, and import order lists that include basic bundle sizes. This allows our software to automatically design conveyances based on what number of bundles each truck can handle.

Guesswork and painstaking manual planning are a thing of the past.

Maintain your machinery

Very much like individuals, if your machinery isn't working as expected, it's costing you cash.

Above all else, utilize the right tool for the gig.

Because you can involve a broomstick as the handle for your plastic pallet wrapping doesn't mean you should.

Of course, it sets aside your cash, but when it breaks, you're without a plastic wrapping mechanism and a brush.

From conveyor belts to lifting machinery to the straightforward tape dispenser - it all needs to be in wonderful working order.

If maintenance of machinery and tools is ignored, you'll have to pay for both the repairs and then downtime when it inevitably breaks.

Utilize Different Packaging Materials

Nobody says you must always adhere to similar sustainable packaging materials. You can explore different avenues regarding things to see what suits your interest group the most. Some materials are less expensive than others which is a factor you must consider. Yet, as we said, packaging can improve the value of the product. Sometimes, you may not guarantee packaging cost reduction, but rather you can improve your profit margins.

Carefully 'Handle With Care'

There's a time and spot for everything, including alerts. But there's a compelling reason to overdo it. For instance, it's not important to involve rock-solid packing material for something lightweight except if it's delicate. Remember: Your essential objective is to safeguard the product inside the bundle. If that's what you do, all the side benefits will fall into put — savings on damaged merchandise, product rework, returns, and substitutions.

Master TIP: Utilize a computer-aided design system like Solidworks to work out the dimensions and strength needed for your packaging cost reduction.

Factors to Consider:

  • Inner carton dimensions
  • External carton dimensions
  • Carton stuff needed
  • Carton stacking arrangement on a pallet
  • Container loading configuration
  • Container stuff needed (if any)

Order Greater Quantities

Let's say you saw it as an ideal sustainable alternative. However, the cost of one bundle isn't lower than the one you utilized before. One of the techniques you can utilize is to order bigger quantities. Packaging manufacturers are adaptable and always bring down the cost in those cases.

Automate The Packaging Cost Savings Process

This strategy will initially require bigger investments. Automating the packaging technique will assist you with spending less time developing each bundle. Also, you will reduce your carbon footprint, which will reduce charges. In the end, the number of mistakes you make to make each bundle will be reduced to a minimum.


Implementing packaging cost reduction or further developing its shape will reduce your warehousing charges and delivery costs.

Yet, it's just the most important move towards upgrading your logistics.

Assuming you handle any part of deliveries or logistics in-house, whether that is shipping or last-mile delivery, Jet Paper can help.

Our course optimization software assists clients with increasing productivity and income per driver, reducing mileage, and limiting fuel utilization.

Please Call at (201) 707-58 44 to start your packaging journey today. Use Jet Paper to help the productivity of your hassle-free deliveries!

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