How to Dry Cannabis in Paper Bag: A Complete Solution

You might have heard numerous growers talking about curing and drying cannabis in a paper bag. The question is, does it work, and if so, is it suggested? The response is yes! Let's take a more critical look at how to dry cannabis in paper bag and the upsides of this process.

Numerous growers overlook it, but drying and curing your cannabis buds is a significant stage to ensuring an ideal final product. Whether you're a fledgling grower or an accomplished one, you know how much effort and attention growing marijuana requires.

If you dry cannabis in paper bag correctly, there are a few reasons why paper bags can prove to be useful at the finish of the drying process.

Wet weed vs. moist buds

Moist buds aren't equivalent to wet buds.

Freshly harvested cannabis is moist because it hasn't yet been dried and relieved. These flowers are distinguishable from matured buds by their smell; think raw plant matter vs. matured weed. Moist buds will gradually dry in their own time for however long they are properly stored. Wet weed, on the other hand, is saturated with liquid and must be tended to immediately.

Wet weed is also different from sticky weed. Powerful flowers stacked with trichomes can stick to your fingers and leave a cheap substance, but this isn't water. The trichomes are home to the cannabinoids and terpenes; the essential mixtures that create the impacts we know and love. Trichomes on properly dried and restored cannabis are sticky and will hold tight to your fingers, while wet weed will simply squish.

Can You Dry Cannabis Buds In A Brown Bag?

Some individuals are quite suspicious about this, but the truth is that it is conceivable to dry cannabis buds in a brown paper bag.

Of course, many individuals choose to balance their buds up in a small room or encased space with controlled humidity levels. However, the truth of the matter is that controlling the humidity levels in a bigger room can be quite difficult.

Oftentimes, the humidity levels in a room are not great for drying or curing marijuana. Brown paper bags make for an incredibly simple, financially savvy, and viable method for drying cannabis buds.

However, with that being said, some small issues might arise, especially when it comes to the curing stage, something that we will discuss further below.

However, in the fantastic plan of things, using brown paper bags to dry cannabis is something that numerous specialists do, and there are a few reasons for this.

How to Properly Dry Your Cannabis Plants

There are various strategies to dry cannabis in paper bag, and your decision should rely upon how much room you have, as well as the weather conditions. If you live in a dry area, it's fundamental to delay down this process, so you don't wind up losing terpenes or cannabinoids. Drying your cannabis buds is essential if you are going to store them for expanded periods, and doing it gradually is the key to having high terpene content.

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Your objective should be to make the plant dry as leisurely as conceivable in an environment that is liberated from buildup or form. Before harvesting your buds, flush the soil and wait for a little while until it's dry to remove the branches.

This is one of the top cannabis growing tips and deceives you can follow. Then cut and balance the whole plant in a rope if you have sufficient space, or cut the bigger branches and put them on holders. At this point, you can manage the bigger leaves so only the buds remain.

It is urgent to keep your cannabis plants from the light because it can diminish the THC levels. This procedure can take up to three days to ten days. However, don't worry if you don't have the ideal conditions, because that's when the paper bags will help you hugely.

Drying Cannabis Buds In A Brown Bag: Easy Steps

What we want to do right now is to give you a bit-by-bit guide on precisely how to dry your cannabis buds in brown paper bags. However, before we begin providing you with a little tutorial on this front, we do want to have a speedy word on dry trimming vs. wet trimming.

If you are dry trimming your cannabis buds, this implies that you don't manage off the fan leaves and the sugar leaves until the bug has been dried.

On the other hand, wet trimming implies that you trim off the sugar leaves, the fan leaves, and some other unwanted components before you start the drying process.

Generally speaking, wet trimming is the technique for decision, mainly because it allows the genuine buds to dry a lot quicker and more evenly because of the way that the external layers, mainly the families and the sugar leaves, are absent anymore.

On that note, when you do wet trimming, you'll also begin to separate some of the bigger buds from one another, therefore providing them with more surface area. This will also allow for considerably more even and consistent drying all through the whole buds from the external layer to the interior core.

With that being said, if you anticipate using the sugar leaves or the fan leaves for something like air pocket hash or some other purposes, you will want to dry them.

However, we do suggest doing wet trimming, and afterward drying the sugar leaves and the fan leaves separately. If you do dry trimming, it's going to make quite a wreck too.

How to Dry Cannabis in Paper Bag (Brown)

That said, let's give you a bit-by-bit guide on precisely how to dry cannabis in paper bag that is brown.

Trim Your Buds

As mentioned straight above, it is suggested that you trim your buds wet when you are ready to dry cannabis in paper bag. When you do wet trimming, your buds will dry a lot quicker and more evenly when you go to place them in brown paper bags.

Therefore, get yourself some trimming scissors and begin removing all of the fan leaves and sugar leaves from your buds.

At this point, you could also cut some of the buds apart so they aren't too gigantic, which will also assist with even and consistent drying, and it will accelerate the process too.

Paper towels

Drying your weed in paper towels is straightforward. In addition, you'll also need a fan or a dehumidifier.

Enclose the flower with paper towels and move into a dim dry location.

Set the fan or dehumidifier up neighboring to move the air or eliminate the moisture, individually.

Change the paper out and rotate the bud every couple of hours to prevent shape growth, as form loves humidity.

Paper bag

  • Like the paper towel technique, paper bags adopt the wait-and-draw-out strategy for moisture evacuation.
  • Put the bag with weed in a dim dry room with a wind stream (you can use a fan) and supplant the paper towel every couple of hours.
  • Turn your weed to each time you change the towel to prevent shape growth and allow it to sit like this for at least 24-48 hours, or until dry.

Baking the Buds in a Broiler

Drying weed in a stove is also known as Decarboxylation. This may not be the best method for drying cannabis, but it is indeed the quickest. You'll have your desperate smoke in minutes!

Baking buds in the broiler can lose some cannabinoid content in your yield. You'll probably have crispy buds if not done right too.

So we highly energize taking only a small example when doing this strategy. You should be willing to conceivably lose some marijuana in the process too.

Overlap the Bag

To effectively dry cannabis in paper bag, the following thing that you need to do is to overlap up the bag and close it. It should be relatively hermetically sealed, but it should be free enough so that only a tad bit of air can get in.

Remember, you do want a little bit of air to be ready to get into the bag with minimal air circulation. You also want the moisture to be ready to escape the brown paper bag.

Remember, the point here is to dry your weed, which won't be imaginable if the paper bag holds in all of the moisture, and therefore, it does need to be open super somewhat so that moisture can get out.

The only reason you should at any point open them up is to check the humidity level, which should be well under half.

If the humidity level is not under half, you want to open up the bags a little more, put them in a very dry area, and point a fan at them to assist with air circulation, as this will assist moisture with evaporating.


  • From smartphones to cannabis, there's nothing that rice can't dry.
  • Fill a mason container most of the way with rice and put the cannabis in.
  • Cover the cannabis with rice and allow the container to sit in a dull dry space uncovered for at least 24-48 hours.
  • You can also point a fan or dehumidifier at the container to circulate the air.
  • If your weed is dry when you eliminate it, you're all set.
  • But if there's still a little moisture in the buds, split them up with your fingers and continue toward the paper towel procedure.

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Play The Waiting Game

To properly dry cannabis in paper bag, if the humidity level in the bag is under half, your marijuana should be completely dried in anywhere from four to seven days, depending on how much marijuana you have in the brown paper bags, and how moist it was, to begin with, to has relative humidity.

After around seven days at most, your marijuana should now be ready for the curing stage.

Humidity pack

If your weed is somewhat clammy and not all out soggy, you can add a humidity pack to your storage container to assist with drawing out the moisture.

Allow the container to sit for as long as 3 days after the pack is put to draw out the moisture.

The pack will store the moisture so it doesn't debase the buds, but it can also add moisture back to your weed if it gets too dry in storage.

Sun Drying Buds in Brown Paper Bags

Another method for drying weeds quickly is to put them under direct daylight. This outdated strategy for sun-drying weed has been done by outdoor ranchers for years.

Although the heat from direct daylight can diminish the quality of your bud, you can't deny it gets your cannabis buds completely dry quickly!

For this technique, you will need paper bags and a pleasant warm day.

Drying Buds in the Engine compartment

You can find an engine compartment in pretty much every home. This chamber is kept warm, maintaining relative humidity to a minimum from the boiling water it routinely creates. This environment makes an engine compartment the ideal space for drying cannabis rapidly.

However, using a water engine compartment should only be an option if you're living privately. Furthermore, because you have a whole room for drying, you can dry both small buds and enormous buds!

Curing Cannabis in Paper Bags - Only For A Long Time

After about fourteen days, you can either smoke your buds or freely place them in water/airproof mason containers. At this point, you can carefully manage the other leaves that have no trichomes. If your nugs are well-dried, you can save them for months in the mason container, and they will continue to fix.

Some enthusiasts believe that leaving cannabis to solution for more broadened periods can give you a phenomenal encounter when smoking it. This is because of the high terpene content, which can prompt full and interesting smells. On the other hand, intensity might diminish somewhat, so you should explore different avenues regarding the ideal ratio of flavor and strength.

What Kind Of Paper Bags Would it be a good idea for you to Use?

As far as the kind of paper bags you should use for the marijuana drying process, normal brown paper bags, for example, those you get when you go shopping for food, are more than ideal.

How Long Should Buds Be Left In The Paper Bag?

As far as how long the marijuana buds should be left in the brown paper bags for drying, it depends on how huge the buds are, how moist they are, and how you put them in the bag.

 If the moisture level is under half and you Maximize at three layers, it should take something like seven days for the buds to be dried.

 If you anticipate curing your marijuana in brown paper bags, however, remember to also put them inside normal plastic bags, in which case you could leave them in there for as long as two months.

How to Dry Cannabis in Paper Bag: Conclusion

In short, indeed, drying cannabis in a paper bag is a legitimate method used by many experienced and business growers. However, you should only get it done at the finish of the drying process, just before you begin curing your buds. Curing is not a mandatory process, but it will assist you with experiencing a smooth smoke brimming with strong smells.

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