A Guide to Paper Bag Handle Types

When it comes to paper bags, people may typically picture a simple example with any handles whatsoever the regular lunch bag. However, paper bags come with many ways to customise them and make them novel to your brand or business. Aside from paper bag handle types, size, and printing, the paper bag handle types on your bags are also a customizable option that you can add to your order. 

You could think that handles are very small parts of a bag, but they have a significant effect! It's important to ensure you pick the right type of handle for your business bags. so a guide to paper bag handles type should know if you first engage with buying the paper bag in mass. You might be baffled about how you pick the right groceries to accomplish a cost-powerful solution. As the leading producer of paper bags, Jet Paper Bags has a great guide on paper bag handle types for you. Let’s see.

Different Paper Bag Handle Types 

Paper bags come in different shapes and sizes. Every one of them has their exceptional use. 

Simple Brown Bag Handles

Kraft paper bags are one of the most common bags that are accessible. Most departmental stores and grocery stores use these brown bag handles. They are produced using simple brown Kraft paper and often come with a bottom gusset that is reinforced with another sheet of paper. Kraft paper bags are not very strong. However, one can reuse them a couple of times before the bags break down. Plus, Kraft paper bags can be reused very easily.

Twisted Paper Bag Handles

The twisted paper bag handles are the most common handle types. It is very easy to make them, and they don't need additional materials so they are rather modest. 

They are the ideal choice for grocery bags, gift bags and other bags that will carry lightweight contents. Likewise, their downside though is that they are not as strong as most other types of paper bag handles and usually will not be sufficient to carry anything that weighs more than a couple of pounds.

Flat Paper Bag Handles

The second most common type of handle you could find is a kraft paper bag with a flat paper handle. This handle is similar to twisted paper handles in that they are also made of paper-economical, 100 per cent recyclable, and biodegradable. Kraft paper bags with flat paper handles are also completely automatic production, But have an enormous weight capacity without breaking, therefore they are a cost-compelling bundle solution. 

As with twist paper handles, there are two optional standard colours: white and brown, but another colour is accessible to customize.

Die Cut Handle for Paper Bag

Kraft paper bags with die-cut handles with reinforced plastic film(strong) or paper(recycled, sustainable) aren't less common than twisted handles and flat handles, they are different from handles in the traditional sense, but rather, carefully cut holes at the top of the bag which you can use as a handle for paper bag. 

They are much more easily made and are strong enough to be used in groceries and food delivery, but please note that the overall strength of the handle is subject to the quality of the paper used in the bags and that it is also more diligent to carry if the contents overflow the opening. The packing quantity of die-cut handles will be greater than the twist handle and a flat handle for paper bag, which is a good solution to lessen the shipping cost.

SOS Bags

SOS bags or Stand-on-Shelf bags are quite similar to brown Kraft paper bags in terms of their design. However, these bags are a little stronger and come with a top handle for paper bag. SOS bags have been broadly used for carrying pressed food and drinks. They are quite common amongst kids and office workers for carrying lunch. SOS bags also come in many colours with added modern style.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch-bottom paper bags are similar to envelopes. They have a tightened end and the other side stays open when one fills it up. Pinch-bottom bags also have an inner grease-resistant lining, making them the best solution for packing dry food items.

Rope Cotton Paper Bag Handle Type

Rope handles are made of long, soft cotton twisted together into a rope, that is very strong, solid and biodegradable. It is also comfortable to hold as it is thick enough against digging into people's hands when carrying a weighty load. The Rope cotton handles have a smooth finish and are very solid, the colour is customizable, they are both upmarket and sturdy and usually used on luxury paper bags

Luxury paper bags with Roper cotton handles are popular with department stores, boutiques, adornments and gift shops, for voucher packaging and promotional events and conferences.

Cotton Paper Bag Handle Type

This type of handle is kindly similar to the rope handles mentioned before, but these are produced using cotton rather than nylon. The material is substantially more natural and comfortable for someone's hand, which can assist with keeping it cool during hot weather and hotter in cold months.

String Paper Bag Handles

String handles, also called "knotted" or "twist-tie" handles are made of a single piece of string that is twisted into one closed loop with the excess length folded over the top of the bag and knotted. These handles are difficult to separate, but they are very strong and the enormous surface area of the handle means that it can be easily grasped in one hand.

Ribbon Paper Bag Handles

Ribbon handles speak for themselves. They add a touch of class to your paper bags, making them look less industrial and plain. They are immediate upgrades from flat paper handles in terms of visual allure because of their similar form.

Merchandise Bags

Merchandise bags are high-quality and customizable paper bags. Retail stores both enormous and small use merchandise bags. These bags have a form factor similar to envelopes. Merchandise bags are accessible in different colours. 

Euro Tote

Euro tote is a more sophisticated lunch bag. Even though the design is similar to that of S.O.S. bags, the Euro tote comes with fancy handles, customized branding and a wide assortment of surface finishes. 

However, these bags are quite sturdy and can be reused several times, making them better than single-use plastic. A lot of enormous brands have migrated to the Euro tote from plastic bags mostly because they allow much better brand visibility. 

Nylon Twisted Paper Bag Handle Types

Some of the cons include that they can be difficult to tie, they can be slippery, and they can shred over time. Ultimately, it depends on the individual business owner to choose if nylon twisted handles are the best option for their business and their customers.

Grosgrain Polyester Paper Bag Handle Types 

This is the most common handle type and is generally used for medium to heavyweight bags. This type of handle doesn't grow but has a wide bearing surface, making it suitable as a long-term carry bag and for occasional use. These handles come in various colours - both solid and print - and are not expensive and can be easily seen and handled.

Bakery Bags

They can come in the form of a small L-folder that allows you to hold your pretzel or cookie, or they can be in the form of an envelope that can be used to pack cookies. 

Party Bags

Party bags are glossy splendid color paper bags that take after the shape of standard Kraft paper bags. You can use party bags to distribute sweets, candies, gift cards, and other mementoes.

Mailing Bags

Envelope-style mailing bags are quite popular in the case of online business shipments. A lot of small products or products with good retail packaging come in paper mailing bags.

Paper Bag Handle Types: Conclusion

When you're purchasing your wholesale paper bags, it's best to put your product's needs first before starting to cut corners. As useful paper bags as they are, not all businesses need paper bags with handles; surely, manufacturers of queasiness bags won't require them anytime soon. 

If you provide a good start-to-finish service from the moment your customer looks at your product on the shelves to when they bring it home with them, then surely they will return for more. Visit Jet Paper Bags to get yours now!