20 Best Reuse for Paper Bags

Do you have any idea that paper bags can be reused and repurposed in countless ways? From practical household chores to creative uses, numerous paper bag reuse methods can extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

In this article, we will explore 20 innovative ways to reuse paper bags that you may have never thought of before. Whether you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags or want to get crafty with your children, these simple ideas will inspire you to give paper bags a new lease on life.

Best Paper Bag Reuse Methods

Here are 20 excellent methods to reuse brown paper bags: 


Shred the bags and added to the fertilizer pile to create wonderful nutrients for your garden. You can even get another use out of it by using them to collect leaves, grass and other compostable materials before adding to the fertilizer pile. more details

Weed Barrier

A compostable weed barrier? Sure! The bags will break down with the combination of heat a moisture, but they can be used to provide a temporary weed block allowing other plants to get established before being overrun by weeds.

Use it again for grocery shopping!

There's no great explanation not to take paper bags with you the next time you go out to shop. 


Reuse paper bags by filling them with kindling and then use them as a fire starter.

Use when selling or giving away things

Keep some bags on hand to package up items when you're giving away merchandise in a bunch or selling on an online marketplace.

Gift Bags

Decorate the bag (or leave it plain) and put it in a large gift like clothes, blankets, board games, etc. 


Envelopes are pretty easy to cut and crease and the brown kraft paper will make your card stand out.

Kids craft

Let the children use paper bags as a canvas for their drawing or painting. 

Worm farm

If you have a worm farm, give the worms a tasty paper treat.

Gift Tags

Stop buying gift tags and make your own. You can use these printable designs or search for an SVG file.

Packaging Material

Do what the online folks do and use them as padding for shipping. Okay, they use rolls of thin kraft paper, but the idea is the same: simply wad them up and add them to your box.

Use as packing paper

If you're moving or sending something by post, paper bags can be used as packing paper in between crockery or scrunched up to occupy a space in boxes.

Draining sleek food

Paper bags can be used in place of paper towels to soak up excess oil from fried food varieties.

Ripen bananas

If you need to ripen bananas rapidly, leave them at room temperature in a paper bag. Bananas are ripened by ethylene which they emit themselves so the paper bag simply traps everything in there.

Book Covers

Do kids have to make these? I used to make mine from grocery bags then add photos of friends, funny cartoon inserts from cassette tapes, etc.


Instead of covering the book, make an entire book or journal with the paper for you or the children. more details.


Cut the paper bag into strips and sew them into creative baskets.

Storing vegetables

Reuse paper bags to store vegetables, for example, mushrooms where they absorb moisture and potatoes where the paper bag blocks daylight which turns potatoes green.

Give away

If the paper bags used above are not useful to you or you simply have way too many, give them away. They would be valued indeed by:

  • Local takeaway restaurants
  • Schools for their uniform shops or fundraising stalls
  • Operation shops/thrift shops
  • Farmers markets
  • Origami and Other Paper Crafts

Cut open the bags and use the paper to make fun paper projects like paper flowers origami snack holders and holiday ornaments.

Cut the bags into 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 sizes and use them with your favourite die-cutting machine to make all kinds of things.

Craft Table Cover

You may not be a messy crafter but rather We're! Cut open the bags and cover your workspace to protect the table from paints, glue, glitter, etc.