If you own a business that sells certain products, you definitely need bags while offering these products. Other than that, you can use them even if you distribute products at trade shows. Promotional paper bags are a great way to advance your marketing, so why not take advantage of them?

While plastic bags are useful, they are not environmentally friendly and do not help your business image. If you are looking for a way to make things more stylish or just want to create a different image for your business, you can learn how to choose the right paper bags in this article.

What is your company mission?

Firstly; what kind of personality does your company portray? Is it eco-friendly or wants to reflect that you care about the environment?

Regardless, you will want to reflect the image you have on your packaging. If you’re truly eco-friendly, you can choose bags made from 100% recycled content, so you stay true to your company’s beliefs. Fortunately, 100% recycled bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice your company’s needs to stay true to your mission and beliefs.

Consider dimensions when buying paper bags

Promotional paper bags can be produced in a wide variety of sizes. Think about what your average customer will do. Do you sell small and light items or large and heavy items? Need several sizes?

Don’t just focus on the height or width of the bag, though. Consider the weight. Is a 4-pound paperweight good enough, or do you need something stronger? Consider your lightest and heaviest objects when making decisions.

Paper bags with or without handles

How will your customers carry the bags? Will handleless small bags suffice? Will it be able to fold well enough for it to close? Or do you need carry handles?

Are the contoured carry handles good enough, or do you want tote-style handles that give customers the option to hang the bag on their shoulders? Again, consider the products your customers will carry in promotional paper bags. Is it just something they’re good at holding in their hands, or is it a bit bulkier and requires shoulder strength?

Flat Bottom or Pinch Bottom?

Think about promotions for your products or at trade shows with your bags. Do they need a flat bottom bag that opens completely, allowing items to be placed flat on the bottom of the bag? Prefer to pinch bottom bags with closed bottoms? These are the bags you normally buy at the grocery store. They’re great for small items or items that shouldn’t be damaged.

Should you be worried about the color of paper bags?

Remember, your bags are an extension of your brand and mission. Which brand are you trying to stick to? Your promotional paper bags should also match it.

If you don’t have a lot of colors or your business colors are neutral, natural, or white Kraft paper may suffice. If you want a pop of color or if your business is known for a certain color like orange, pink or red, choose bags in that color.

Why should you care about color when buying paper bags?

Think about the times you shopped at a large department store. Can you instantly tell where products come from without telling you where you’re going? Yes, because the bags have the Target logo on them. This is what you need for your business, instant recognition. Not only does it help with branding, but also helps you market your business.

Consider how often bags are reused, especially high-end bags. When customers reuse bags, this will create another way to market your brand. Even if the bag sits in the closet for a few months, it’s another marketing tool you don’t have to pay for in the future – your initial investment will continue to pay you back.

Looking for sophisticated paper bags?

If you run a high-end boutique or just want to keep up with your high-end brand, you may want bags with a sophisticated edge. These premium matte laminated bags feature macrame handles and give it a different feel than a standard paper bag.

What images do you need on paper bags?

Now, don’t just think about the bag itself. Consider the print on the bag, the written message. This message is your marketing or space for others to learn about your business. Think of it as a business card, but on a purse. You should want the print to match your company’s brand.

Looking for standard ink-printed bags or something a little more special? You can choose black ink printed bag, full color, foil stamp, or silkscreen printing.

Just like when choosing your bags, think about what you want to portray when people see and/or use your bags. Are you a simple business where black ink printed bags perfectly match your brand and even knit well? Do you have a sophisticated business that requires uniquely shaped promotional paper bags and foil stamping, or are you looking for an eco-friendly look with reusable sleeves and screen printing?

What kind of paper bags do you need?

Whether you’re using your paper bags to give customers their shopping or distributing them at a trade show or other event, your choice of bags is just as important as any other marketing material you use.

What matters is that your bags are an extension of your company, what it means, and how you brand it. Do not choose bags that do not fit the image of your company or do not reflect your product well. Remember, you should choose quality bags that let your customers realize that you see every detail from start to finish. Your investment in the right promotional paper bags will give you more bang for your buck in a marketing context and will help you get your message across without any additional marketing.