There is the perfect paper bag for any occasion, from brown lunch bags to branded merchandise bags.

Since Francis Wolle invented the first machine to produce paper bags in 1852, an incredible variety of options for commercial use have been developed and improved.

We have brought together nine types of paper bags that meet the needs of different businesses.

1) S.O.S. Bags

S.O.S bag is the preferred lunch carrier for children and office workers all over the world. Known for its iconic brown color, S.O.S. You can easily fill the bag with food, drink, and treats. Perfect for small objects, S.O.S. bags can be produced in a variety of colors with a modern touch.

2) Pinch-Bottom Bags

Compressed from the bottom, this type of bag remains open due to its wide upper structure. It offers an ideal packaging solution for bakery products with its conical tip, envelope-like structure.

3) Product Bags

Merchandise bags offer customers a reliable and stylish way to take home their in-store purchases. With a little customization, you can add a branded touch whether you’re a small business owner or an event organizer.

4) Euro Tote

Think of the euro bag as the sophisticated cousin of the lunchbox. High-end retailers often use euro boxes as branded merchandise bags, decorating them with customized designs and brand logos. They make great alternatives to traditional gift wrapping with ribbon handles and sparkling ornaments.

5) Oven Bags

Bakery bags are specially produced to protect your food products. These glassine and waxed paper-lined bags preserve the taste and freshness of perishable bread, cookies, and even coffee, making them perfect.

6) Party Bag

Celebrate birthdays and other special occasions by filling party bags with sweets, gift cards, and other memories. Your guests will love to return home with an aesthetically pleasing bag of memories.

7) Mail Bags

Envelope-style mailing bags are a great choice for sending important documents and small items. With its extra protective layers of padding, it is an ideal option for sending fragile products to customers or business partners.

8) Recycled Bags

With the rise of e-commerce, consumers and retailers are also looking to do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycled bags made from eco-friendly materials can help all of us be environmentally conscious and can even be reused for other business needs.

9) Vogue Bag

Vogue bag is an elegant alternative to plain paper. Fashionable bags filled with fun tissue paper and a cursive card inserted inside can take your gift wrapping process to the next level.

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