Gift wrap is a common term used when individuals and businesses want to send gifts to people but doesn’t want their content to show up right away. For some, gift wrapping is considered an art, so there is no right or wrong way to package gifts. But maybe you aren’t skilled at gift-wrapping or you want to take gift wrapping to the next level. Therefore, in this post, we will give you creative gift wrapping ideas for both individuals and companies.

Replace Gift Wrap With Paper Bags

Instead of using colorful gift wrapping that might be too childish for recipients, you can also package the gifts using paper or paper shopping bags. This will give your gift a more rustic, earthy, or natural look. What makes it ideal to wrap with paper bags is that you can print your logo or other patterns on the paper bags so they look exciting rather than plain.

Using paper bags as gift wrapping also ensures that the present gift is kept safe as the paper bags are thicker. Consider using special paper bags to use as gift wrapping for other special occasions. And of course, no rustic gift would be complete without that delicate straw bow made of Wraphia.

Use the Gift Wrap as Filler

Maybe you’re not as talented as you would like, but there is a practical way to present gifts to your colleagues, customers, or attendees. Try purchasing gift boxes and use the gift wrap as a filling. There are a variety of boxes made of different materials, colors, and sizes that you can buy in bulk. This is a simple way to hide gifts without having to pack them.

Gift wrap can be used to align and fill these boxes so you can store your gift inside. To add more personality to your gifts, you can attach a cap to one side of the package so the recipients know they are looking at the gifts.

Add Accents to Make Your Gift Wrap 3D

Especially ideal for children, you can apply little extras on the outside of the gift wrap that will make it look like part of the gift wrap. For example, you can stick a toy car onto a wide black or dark gray strip to create a road the car drives on. For holiday gifts, you can tape the packaged candies to a green Christmas tree. This 3D gift wrap can add a new dynamic to your gifts and something extra for your recipients.

Use Scrap Fabric

If you have long gifts that are easily distinguishable by wrapping paper, the best alternative would be to wrap it in a comfortable fabric such as felt or velvet and tie the ends with ribbons or thin wire. These special fabrics can make your gifts look more valuable without any tricks or flashy graphics, so they can be a great alternative to gift wrap for both kids and adults. Ideal for serving scrap fabric, baked goods, or other delicacies, it also looks stylish and sophisticated.

Whether you are packing gifts for your family or you have a company that wants to give gifts to employees or customers, there is no right or wrong way to package the gift, but you can really be more practical to package gifts in one of these ways. Buy gift wrap paper, paper bags, and other supplies in bulk today for gifts ready to pack for years to come.