According to recent studies in the USA, the recycling rate of plastic bags is said to be around 12%, meaning the remaining 88% of the plastic bags in circulation are generally thrown away. This information shows that we need to think about paper bags once again.

Paper bags have come a long way since they were used in the mid-eighteenth century. However, manufacturers are developing more durable and flexible paper bags today. Their box-shaped design allows them to stand upright and carry more objects while on the move.

Paper bags have become a fashion and symbol in today’s shopping industry, due to the effort and time many businesses have put into stylish paper bags. In fact, when customers use paper bags containing the brands of the companies, they also advertise free of charge on behalf of the companies.

All authorities confirm that reusable paper shopping bags benefit both the brand and the consumer. Below are four advantages of using reusable shopping bags:

  1. Prevents the Damages of Plastic Bags

Disposable plastic bags take their place in landfills when their function is exhausted, and unfortunately, they stay here forever. After a while, they settle in water resources by infiltrating the soil. The place for disposable plastic bags is never in dumps. When shoppers decide to use reusable grocery bags, they will have fewer disposable plastic bags, which means far less will go to landfills.

  1. Reduces the Amount of Trash

Another benefit of reducing the amount of disposable plastic bags in circulation with the use of reusable paper shopping bags is the reduction in the amount of waste. Plastic bags themselves are also a waste. Let’s not forget that until now, no one has seen paper bags hanging on trees floating in the wind.

      3.Helps Protect Wildlife

Plastic bags are known to be a major threat to wildlife and habitats. Millions of wildlife members, including turtles, birds, and marine creatures, are known to die each year from the ingestion of disposable plastic bags. You can always do the wildlife and the planet a favor by starting to use reusable paper shopping bags.

  1. Make Your Brand Stand Out

Reusable paper shopping bags are known to be great promotional tools thanks to their long-lasting properties. Therefore, your customers will always carry the shopping bag and help you learn about your company for years to come. In most cases, various factors determine the unit price per bag, the type of material used, the style and quantity of the bag. The higher the amount of grocery bags you buy, the lower the price per paper bag, which gives you a huge return. You should always try to customize your bulk order of paper bags to represent your brand and showcase what you want your future potential customers to see.

If you are interested in inefficient and environmentally friendly shopping bags, we recommend that you choose paper bags that will give your brand an aesthetic appearance and reflect your special qualities. When properly packaged, you will increase the quality of your product. This will help you promote your brand to the right market.