Eco-friendly flat-handled paper bags, produced with a wide variety of paper and color options, are one of the most preferred types of bags by companies, thanks to their convenience in paper bag prices and their stylish designs.

Flat-handled paper bags deliver the brand’s information to large audiences with printing options.

It is advantageous as a storage area as it occupies less space than bags with twisted handles.

Affordable flat-handled paper bags are also preferred by world-famous brands, especially retail – food companies.

From restaurants to grocery stores…

Made in NJ, our Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags are a stylish, powerful, and cost-effective way to enhance your customer service experience. These paper shopping bags are perfect for retail, product and groceries, and restaurant takeaways. The perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

These Premium Flat Handle Kraft paper bags are designed to be used over and over again. Recyclable and Reusable.

Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags offer you incredible convenience in NJ. Here are some of them:

The FLAT paper handles for convenient carrying

Contains no harmful chemicals or bleaches

Square bottom for upright standing

Base weight used from strong 90GSM and 100GSM Virgin Kraft

White Kraft Color

If your business in and around NJ needs Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags, contact us and see how we can reliably meet your bag needs. Whether you’re taking it with you when grocery shopping or making a nice gift, flat-handled shopping bags are sure to meet your needs.

Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags are considered a more environmentally friendly and sustainable variant than other types of packaging such as plastic bags. So this makes them a trendy and socially conscious choice.

Manufactured in Jet Paper New Jersey, Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags are made of quality materials that provide durability and adequate carrying capacity. Available in different designs and colors. These products can be printed and personalized with logos.

Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags come in a variety of sizes. Many of these products are attractively designed for convenience and portability. Ideal for consumers, shopkeepers, and organizers who plan to give gifts at their parties, among many others. Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags also have a printing surface that can express one’s tastes and interests or chosen causes in the form of catchy slogans. It is also an excellent marketing tool as it has high visibility when carried by users. Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags are ideal for gift wrapping, especially for corporate gifts. Many of these products are fully recyclable. They are also quite cost-effective. These are available in reusable and disposable variants.

Be sure to check out Jet Paper’s carefully crafted range of Flat Handle Shopping Paper Bags.