Why kraft paper bags are so popular?

Kraft bags have functions such as shading, thermal insulation, contour, and sealing performance. It consists of multiple layers, and these bags are not easy to break, thus playing a good role in preventing moisture and contamination. Kraft paper bag is widely used in our daily life. Kraft paper bags are an integral part of our daily life. Kraft paper bags are an environmentally friendly product as well as durable. It is one of the most popular environmental protection bags in the international market. It also complies with national environmental standards.

What is the difference between kraft paper and ordinary paper?

Kraft paper as a packaging material has high strength and yellowish-brown color. The most important advantage is that it is affordable and does not require film. So what is the difference between kraft paper and ordinary paper?

In terms of production methods, kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper. This is mainly because cowhide uses a relatively long wood fiber and uses caustic soda and alkaline sulfur chemicals to treat the wood. Its advantage is that it can moderate the chemical action of the material so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged. Kraft paper made from this pulp is quite strong. In addition, the natural brown color of the kraft paper is used safely because it makes the kraft paper bag look warmer.

The second reason why Kraft paper bag is preferred is its practicality. It is convenient and practical for food packaging materials.

In addition, the strength of kraft paper is its biggest advantage. Since kraft paper can remain unchanged in a humid environment, it prevents liquid foods from coming out and plays an important role in packaging.

Are kraft paper bags safe?

In summary, kraft paper bags are made from non-contaminated materials and consumers can use them with confidence. Many malls currently use disposable white plastic bags. But these bags have been proven not to be environmentally friendly. They not only pollute nature but also become white garbage after disposal, which is not easy to destroy.

Kraft paper bags do not cause any environmental pollution and are easy to destroy after disposal. What’s more, contemporary society promotes environmental protection, so more and more people choose kraft paper bags.

Are kraft paper bags too expensive?

Kraft paper bag prices are also very affordable, do not require much cost, and the supply cost is also very low. It is also best to sell this type of paper bag in large shopping malls. It is very popular among customers.

Consequently speaking, kraft paper bags are stronger and more environmentally friendly than plastic bags.