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Should you invest in paper bags in 2021?

2020 was a year when many people tried to buy items online because many stores were partially closed and also convenient. This means companies need to develop their e-commerce strategies for 2021 and the near future. It may be the…

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How to Make a Paper Bag?

Most people make use of paper shopping bags when either carrying lunch items or exiting a store. However, you may not have a paper bag with you whenever you need it. You may have run out of paper bags that…

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Kraft: What Is It?

When you come across the word ‘kraft’ while shopping for art supplies, you may think of it as a typo, but it is a very useful type of paper. Its name derives from the German word ‘strong’ and is predictably…

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Be eco-friendly with reusable shopping bags

In recent years, there have been shifts to more sustainable solutions in almost all sectors globally. In this context, reusable bags in the retail sector have become a sign of quality and environmental awareness. Change at all levels is inevitable,…

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